Forgotten Women: The Artists

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الكاتب Zing Tsjeng
دار النشر HACHETTE
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الوزن ( جرامات ) 580
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رقم المنتج E-SD000004
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  • KWD 6.000

The Artists include 48 women who possessed the drive and self-understanding to make a change.

These brilliant women artists include Camille Claudel (sculptor), Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Lorinhoven, and Anna Mendieta.

The Artists book is divided into the following sections: abstract, figurative, performance and conceptual, craft, photography and design.

It is heart-warming to hear that museums and art galleries are starting to diversify their collections.

Even though I studied history through high school, I was surprised that I had heard of only a couple of these creative females.

Highly recommended.

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